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A. United Nations

The United Nations homepage.

B. Canada Treaty Information

This site contains a list of all treaties to which Canada is or has been a party and information about treaty practice and procedure as well as the role and responsibilities of Canada’s Treaty Law Division.

C. International Legal Research Tutorial

This is a tutorial/research guide designed to teach students strategies and methodologies for researching print and electronic sources of international legal materials.

D. Law of Foreign Jurisdictions (Emory Law Library Rese...

This library webpage contains links to general and topical sources for foreign law and links to foreign primary law (constitutions and statutes). It also contains links to research guides for Australia, Canada, France, Latin America and the United Kingdom ...

E. UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights

This site contains the full text of the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights.

F. UN International law

This site provides international law news, links to UN international law projects (e.g. “Codification and Progressive Development of International Law”), the UN Treaty Collection, International Courts and Tribunals as well as research tools and legal reso ...

G. EISIL (Electronic Information System for Internation...

This site provides a database of authenticated primary and other materials across the full spectrum of international law, organized by subject.

H. WorldLII

A free legal research tool containing a searchable databases of case law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals and other materials. Also contains a searchable catalog of law-related websites from around the world.

I. ERG (Electronic Resource Guide)

A narrative guide to international legal research, organized by subject. The guide discusses the unique features of electronic research in various international law fields, strategies to find international legal materials and available resources.

J. Library of Congress: Guide to Law Online (Nations)

This site provides an annotated guide to web resources about the constitutions, governments and legal systems of nations around the world, sorted by country.