A. Avalon Project

This site contains collections of documents relevant to the fields of law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government.

A. Basic Laws of Israel

This site provides the full text and links to summaries of the Basic Laws.

Category: Israel

A. Bayefsky

Searchable site that contains links to UN Human Rights Treaties and information concerning the application and monitoring of these treaties.

A. Bora Laskin Law Library (University of Toronto Facul...

This site provides links to current and historical legislation for every jurisdiction in Canada, as well as general information about federal and provincial legislatures.


A. Bora Laskin Law Library – Older Canadian Legislation

This site provides links to older Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial Statutes and Regulations

A. Brian Dickson Law Library

The Brian Dickson Law Library provides a database of resources including Federal, Provincial and Territorial Statutes, Regulations and Case Law

A. British and Irish Legal Information Institute: BAILI...

BAILII provides free access to British and Irish Case Law and Legislation and other legal information. It also provides information on General European Union Case Law

A. Canadian Constitutional Documents: A Legal History

This site provides links to the full text of many Canadian constitutional documents as well as links to documents predating Confederation and documents relating to the development of a province.

A. Canadian Federal Consolidated Acts - Statutes

This site provides an official consolidation, or updated version, of the Federal Acts

A. Canadian Human Rights Commission

Commission administers the Canadian Human Rights Act and ensures compliance with the Employment Equity Act. The site contains links to publications from the CHRC as well as news releases, legislation and jurisprudence.

Category:Canadian Links

A. Canadian Law List (Lawyers)

This website provides listings of law firms and lawyers all over Canada.

A. Constitution Finder

This site contains links to the constitutions of countries from around the world. Note: not all links are to official versions of the documents.


A. Constitutional Law Research Briefings

A searchable database of research briefings produced by the Libraries of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

Category:United Kingdom

A. Constitutional proposals

This site contains information about and links to various proposals to amend the Constitution, as well as links to committee reports about constitutional amendment proposals.

A. Federal Court

The Federal Court is Canada’s national trial court

Category:Federal Court

A. Federal Court of Appeal

The Federal Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Federal Court, certain statutory tribunals and has jurisdiction to hear applications for judicial review over a list of 17 federal boards, commissions and tribunals.

A. Law Resources in Various Jurisdictions

This website provides links to general legal databases, as well as legal resources from various countries.

A. Ontario Superior Court of Justice

The Ontario Superior Court of Justice has jurisdiction over criminal, civil and family cases

A. Parliamentary Websites

This website provides links to the homepage of every national Parliament in the world.


A. Slaw (Canada’s Online Legal Magazine)

A Canadian legal blog featuring commentary on any and all things legal.

A. Supreme Court of the United States

The United States Supreme Court is the USA’s Final Court of Appeal and their decisions are binding on all lower US Courts


A. UK Statutes and Regulations

This website provides an archived database of current and older UK legislation

A. United Nations

The United Nations homepage.


A. WorldLII International Legal Scholarship Library

This site provides a comprehensive search function for all academic law journals available via WorldLII, other partner Legal Information Institutes and the Legal Scholarship Network.

Aboriginal Peoples (Library and Archives Canada)

This database facilitates access to resources created by or about Aboriginal peoples in Canada.


American Constitutional Law Resources (Cornell Universi...

This site provides an overview of American Constitutional Law and list of links to additional resources.

Category:United States

Australasian Legal Information Institute

This site provides free access to legislation and case law from Australia and New Zealand.


Australian Commonwealth Government

Australian government portal – provides information about the government, links to state, territory and local government sites and to the Gazettes published by the Australian government.


Australian Constitution

This site provides the full text of the Australian constitution.


Australian Constitutional Law Links (WorldLII)

This site provides links to Australian and Australian State/Territory constitutions, referenda on constitutional change and constitutional history.


Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Is...

This site provides a useful international perspective on indigenous issues.