B. Alberta Court of Queen's Bench

The Court of Queen's Bench is the Superior Trial Court for the Province, hearing trials in civil and criminal matters and appeals from decisions of the Provincial Court.

B. Bora Laskin Law Library – Current Canadian Legislati...

This site provides links to current Canadian Federal, Provincial and Territorial Statutes, Regulations, Gazettes and Legislative Assemblies

B. Canada Treaty Information

This site contains a list of all treaties to which Canada is or has been a party and information about treaty practice and procedure as well as the role and responsibilities of Canada’s Treaty Law Division.


B. Canadian Council for International Cooperation

Contains reports and papers regarding human rights and their connection to international development.

Category:Canadian Links

B. Canadian Federal Consolidated Regulations

This site provides an official consolidation, or updated version, of the Federal Regulations

B. Canadian Legal Resources

This site provides a list of links to access federal and provincial governments' homepages, Canadian legislation by provinces and information about Parliaments and legislatures.


B. Commonwealth Legal Information Institute: CommonLii

CommonLii provides free access to Cases and Decisions from Commonwealth countries and Common Law jurisdictions

B. Constitutions of EU Member States and Candidate Coun...

This site provides links to the full text of the constitutions of European Union member states and candidate countries.


B. Court Martial Court of Appeal

The Court Martial Appeal Court hears appeals from Military Courts which try Military personnel and civilians for offences under Military Code

B. English Bill of Rights, 1689

This website contains the full text of the Bill of Rights, 1689.

Category:United Kingdom

B. Federal Court Reports

The Federal Courts Reports is an online database of select Federal Court Decisions

Category:Federal Court

B. Legal Publications

This site contains a database of articles, sorted by subject, written by prominent law firms discussing law events and news.

B. Jurisprudence Databases (International Justice Resou...

This page contains links to various global jurisprudence databases. The IJRC website also contains information about international human rights law and related fields of law.

B. Jurist

A law-school based comprehensive legal news and research resource.

B. Law Commons

A searchable database of full-text articles, sorted by subject.

B. Legislation Online

This website provides access to international norms and laws regarding various topics, such as migration, citizenship and freedom of assembly. It also provides links to various countries’ constitutions and criminal codes.


B. Martindale-Hubble (lawyer locator)

This website is a searchable directory of Canadian and international lawyers and law firms. It is possible to search by topic, by city and by country.

B. The Constitution

This site describes arguments for and against a Constitution and the Harari proposal. It provides context for the Basic Laws (see above).

Category: Israel

B. The Law Society of Upper Canada – Great Library: Can...

The Law Society of Upper Canada’s Great Library contains a comprehensive database of Federal and Provincial Cases as well as information on Canadian Courts and administrative tribunals

B. The Quebec Act, 1774

This site contains the full text of the Quebec Act, 1774 – an important pre-Confederation constitutional document outlining the procedures for the governance of the province of Quebec.

B. The Victoria Charter (1971)

This site contains the text of the Victoria Charter, which was a failed attempt to amend the Constitution (including proposals to entrench a bill of rights, to safeguard linguistic and cultural rights, to patriate the Constitution and to create a constitu ...

B. UK Statutory Instruments

This website is a database of all existing and older UK statutory instruments

B. United Nations Human Rights Online

The site contains information about the various UN bodies and the Human Rights work they do. You can also access reports, ICJ decisions, press releases, etc.