D. Alberta Court of Appeal

The Alberta Court of Appeal hears appeals from the Court of Queen’s Bench, the Provincial Court and administrative tribunals

D. Brian Dickson Law Library – Law Databases

This site provides a database of resources including Federal, Provincial and Territorial Statutes, Regulations and Case Law

D. Canadian Federal Tables of Public Statutes and Respo...

This website shows all the chapters of the Revised Statutes of Canada with all their amendments and other public Acts and their amendments

D. Directory of Open Access Journals

A searchable database of peer-reviewed open access journals.

D. GlobaLex (NYU Law)

A good resource for international, comparative and foreign law research.

D. Human Rights Research and Education Centre (Universi...

This site contains articles, videos, and panel reports on various Human Rights topics.

Category:Canadian Links

D. International Constitutional Law

This site provides the text of many countries’ constitutions as well as relevant background information and news.


D. Israeli Government Portal

This site provides links to information on the history and government of Israel and to all of the Government Ministries as well as important Israeli institutions (e.g. Bank of Israeli, State Comptroller and Ombudsman, etc.).

Category: Israel

D. Jurist Canada: Canadian Cases and Statutes – Univers...

Jurist Canada provides comprehensive access to Federal and Provincial Case Law as well as Administrative Tribunal decisions and links to other legal databases

D. Law Library of Congress

The Law Library of Congress provides a database of US Legal Research Resources

D. Law of Foreign Jurisdictions (Emory Law Library Rese...

This library webpage contains links to general and topical sources for foreign law and links to foreign primary law (constitutions and statutes). It also contains links to research guides for Australia, Canada, France, Latin America and the United Kingdom ...


D. Library of Congress (US)

A searchable database of bills and legislation from the US Congress, as well as links to the US Supreme Court, Constitution and Declaration of Independence.


D. Magna Carta, 1215

This is a British Library website with information about the context and history of the Magna Carta, the people involved in its creation, the original Latin text and an English translation of it.

Category:United Kingdom

D. Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench

The Manitoba Court of Queen's Bench is the highest trial court for the province, hearing family and criminal cases

D. Ontario Parliamentary Bills and business

This website provides information on the Ontario legislative assembly business

D. OSCE Human Rights Activities

OSCE addresses a wide range of security concerns, including human rights issues. The site contains a library and databases with various journals and documents about human rights specifically relating to the EU

D. The Charlottetown Accord (1992)

This site contains the Consensus Report on the Constitution outlining a series of proposed amendments to the Constitution. The Charlottetown Accord was defeated after failing a public referendum in 1992.

D. The Union Act, 1840

This site contains the full text of The Union Act, 1840 which united Upper Canada (Ontario) and Lower Canada (Quebec), forming the Province of Canada.

D. United States House of Representatives: Legislative ...

A collection of legislation and business conducted by the United States House of Representatives