E. British Columbia Court of Appeal

The British Columbia Court of Appeal is the highest British Columbia Court and hears appeals from the British Columbia Supreme Court, Provincial Court and administrative boards and tribunals

E. Global Legal Resources (

A good general legal resource including lawyer directories, legal articles and law guides for US and international law.

E. Harvard Law School Library Legal Research Database

Harvard’s Law School Library Website provides a database of USA Case Law resources

E. Human Rights Watch

HRW investigates and prepares reports on human rights violations around the world. Through this link you can access all of HRW’s publications that are searchable by issue and/or by country.

E. Israeli Supreme Court

This site contains a searchable database of Israeli Supreme Court decisions as well as information about the judiciary (its legal authority and its history).

Category: Israel

E. Jurist Canada: Canadian Cases and Statutes – Univers...

This site contains a searchable database of Federal and Provincial Statutes, Statutory Instruments and other legal information including cases and jurisprudence

E. McGill University Legal Research Database

McGill University’s Legal Research Portal offers a database of links to Federal and Provincial Case Law Resources

E. National Conference of State Legislatures (US)

This website is a good source of information regarding state legislatures, the current policy issues, state and federal committee work and recent bills.


E. New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench

The New Brunswick Court of Queen's Bench has jurisdiction over major civil and criminal matters and also hears appeals of decisions on convictions from New Brunswick Provincial Courts

E. Quebec Resolutions, 1864

This site contains the full text of a report of resolutions regarding the proposed Confederation of the provinces of Canada (now Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and the Colonies of Newfoundland and PEI.

E. The Calgary Framework (1997)

This site contains the full text of the Calgary Framework: a 7-point declaration agreed to by 9 Premiers (excluding Quebec’s) for further discussions on the Constitution.

E. The Supreme Court

This site contains a database of Supreme Court decision and information about the Court, its procedures and its Justices. The Supreme Court has been the final court of appeal for civil cases in the UK since July 31st, 2009.

Category:United Kingdom

E. UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights

This site contains the full text of the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights.


E. United States Senate Legislative Activity

This Website contains all legislative and other business conducted by the United States Senate