G. Activities of the European Union, Human Rights

This site describes the various EU institutions, bodies and Commissions. It contains links to various European Union legislation on Human Rights.

G. Australasian Legal Information Institute: AUSTLII

AUSTLII provides a comprehensive database of Australian, New Zealand and other Australasian Case Law and Legal Resources

G. EISIL (Electronic Information System for Internation...

This site provides a database of authenticated primary and other materials across the full spectrum of international law, organized by subject.


G. Federal Legislation:LEGISinfo

LEGISinfo provides current and historical data on legislation dating back to the 37th Parliament in 2001. It provides useful information when researching current Bills and Acts

G. Free Law Journals and Copyright (Windsor Law)

This site contains a list of links to various open access law journals.

G. LexisNexis Quicklaw

Quicklaw provides a comprehensive database of Federal and provincial court, administrative and other tribunal decisions along with general legal resources

G. Manitoba Act, 1870

This site contains the full text of the Act to establish and provide for the government of the province of Manitoba.

G. New Brunswick Court of Appeal

The New Brunswick Court of Appeal hears appeal from lower New Brunswick courts

G. Nova Scotia Court Supreme Court

The Nova Scotia Supreme Court is the highest trial court and hears both civil and criminal cases in addition to appeals of summary convictions from provincial courts.

G. United States State Legislation (Cornell)

A collection of internet-accessible copies of US State Legislation and Regulations

German Bundestag

This website is a good source of information about the Bundestag (the Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany), including its function and role, members, committees, election process and government documents.


German Federal Government

This contains government news as well as information about the Chancellor, Cabinet, the Ministries and the function and constitutional basis of the Federal government.


Germany's Constitution (Basic Law for the Federal Repub...

A good source of information about the legal framework for the German Bundestag/Parliament, including the Basic Law (Constitution) and the Rules of Procedure of the Bundestag


Government Info (Northwestern):

This site has a search function for federal, state and local documents from the United States and contains information on US government agencies and departments.


Government of Canada Publications

This site contains all the publications of the Government of Canada that are publically available.


Guide to Basic Sources of United States Law (Vasser Col...

This site provides a useful research guide for finding United States case law and legislation.

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