H. Constitution Act, 1871

This site contains the full text of the Act which gave the Parliament of Canada the power to establish new provinces and territories, among other things.

H. Constitutional Law Journals (FindLaw)

This site contains a list of links to constitutional law journals.

H. McGill University Library: Federal Statutes and Gove...

This website provides a database on General Information for Federal Laws and Governmental Data

H. Northwest Territories Court of Appeal

The Northwest Territories Court of Appeal hears criminal and civil appeals from the Northwest Territory Supreme Court and Territorial Court

H. Nunavut Court of Justice

The Nunavut Court of Justice is a single-level trial court that hears all civil and criminal cases in Nunavut

H. OECD – Evaluation and Resource Centre Human Rights

This site focuses on development and its link to Human Rights. Contains evaluation reports and briefs.

H. The United States Library of Congress (Thomas)

Legislative Information from the Library of Congress including current and older legislation

H. Westlaw Canada

Westlaw Canada provides a comprehensive database of Federal and provincial court, administrative and other tribunal decisions along with general legal resources

H. World Legal Information Institute: WorldLII

WorldLii contains a database of Foreign and International case law, legislation and Legal Research Resources

H. WorldLII

A free legal research tool containing a searchable databases of case law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals and other materials. Also contains a searchable catalog of law-related websites from around the world.


High Court of Australia

This site contains a database of High Court of Australia judgments and other information about the Court.