I. Australian Legislation and Case Law: AUSTLII

A Library and Database of Australian Legislation and Case Law

I. British Columbia Terms of Union, 1871

This site contains the full text of the Act which established the province of British Columbia.

I. CanLii

This website provides free access to statutes and regulations for federal and provincial jurisdictions

I. Constitutional Forum Journal

An open-access journal published by the University of Alberta containing commentary on topics of Canadian and international constitutional importance.

I. Duhaime’s LawMag

Searchable site containing links to various international conventions, articles, dictionaries, etc.

I. ERG (Electronic Resource Guide)

A narrative guide to international legal research, organized by subject. The guide discusses the unique features of electronic research in various international law fields, strategies to find international legal materials and available resources.


I. Nova Scotia Court of Appeal

The Nova Scotia Court of Appeal is Nova Scotia’s highest Court and hears appeals from the Nova Scotia Provincial Court, Family Court and Youth Court as well as administrative boards and tribunals

I. Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island – Trial Divisi...

The Trial Division of the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island deals with pre-trial matters and hears civil and criminal cases in addition to summary conviction appeals from Provincial Courts

Israel statistics

This site contains information from the Central Bureau of Statistics of Israel. It includes some international statistics.