L. Alberta Act, 1905

This site contains the full text of the Act to establish the province of Alberta.

L. Parliament of South Africa - Bills

This website contains all Bills and legislation before the South African Parliament

L. Quebec Court of Appeal

The Quebec Court of Appeal is the general appeal court for Quebec and hears appeals from the Quebec Superior Court

L. The Supreme Court of Yukon

The Supreme Court of Yukon is the highest trial court in the territory and tries civil and criminal matters. It also hears appeals from certain criminal trials and regulatory matters, known as summary conviction appeals

Law Society of Upper Canada Legal Periodicals

This site contains a list of subject-specific Aboriginal law journals.



This site is a research tool to find information about the Parliament of Canada including information on the progression of bills, the text of major speeches at second reading and backgrounders for government bills.


Library and Archives Canada Index

This site provides an index of Canadian archived documents.