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Australasian Legal Information Institute

This site provides free access to legislation and case law from Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Commonwealth Government

Australian government portal – provides information about the government, links to state, territory and local government sites and to the Gazettes published by the Australian government.

Australian Constitution

This site provides the full text of the Australian constitution.

Australian Constitutional Law Links (WorldLII)

This site provides links to Australian and Australian State/Territory constitutions, referenda on constitutional change and constitutional history.

Constitutional Convention (Election) Act 1997

This site contains the text of An Act to provide for the election of delegates to the Constitutional Convention, and for related purposes, which was repealed in September 1999.

High Court of Australia

This site contains a database of High Court of Australia judgments and other information about the Court.

The Australian Constitution

This Parliamentary Education Office website contains information about the history of the Australian Constitution, its key features, amendment procedure, relationship with the High Court and the Constitutional Crisis of 1975.