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A. British and Irish Legal Information Institute: BAILI...

BAILII provides free access to British and Irish Case Law and Legislation and other legal information. It also provides information on General European Union Case Law

A. United Nations

The United Nations homepage.


C. Lawyer and Paralegal Directory (LSUC)

This website contains a database of lawyers and paralegals in Ontario, searchable by name, city or postal code.

Library and Archives Canada Index

This site provides an index of Canadian archived documents.


A. Canadian Law List (Lawyers)

This website provides listings of law firms and lawyers all over Canada.

Provincial and Territorial Legislatures

This site contains links to all the provincial and territorial legislatures of Canada.


G. EISIL (Electronic Information System for Internation...

This site provides a database of authenticated primary and other materials across the full spectrum of international law, organized by subject.


Canadian Government Internet Addresses

This site contains links to various Canadian federal government agencies.


I. Constitutional Forum Journal

An open-access journal published by the University of Alberta containing commentary on topics of Canadian and international constitutional importance.

B. Constitutions of EU Member States and Candidate Coun...

This site provides links to the full text of the constitutions of European Union member states and candidate countries.


B. Canada Treaty Information

This site contains a list of all treaties to which Canada is or has been a party and information about treaty practice and procedure as well as the role and responsibilities of Canada’s Treaty Law Division.


C. US Code (Cornell)

The Code of Laws of the United States of America

B. Alberta Court of Queen's Bench

The Court of Queen's Bench is the Superior Trial Court for the Province, hearing trials in civil and criminal matters and appeals from decisions of the Provincial Court.